Another flash meeting, in Spain

Another flash meeting in Madrid today with a major fixed operator. I remember a cross-cultural training in Comverse where the presenter compared the average meeting starting delays according to country. Germany was always sharp on time, Israel’s average was 24 mns (about same as France), while Spaniards felt that the quality of the meeting was more important than its timing… justifying randomly higher wait times.
So I actually felt lucky that our meeting would start only with a 20mns delay on schedule (despite some key managers from the customer not showing up at all), except that the original start time was so late already that I hardly had enough time to catch my last flight back. With an actual start time of 18:50 and a ‘recommended’ time to take a cab back to the airport at 19:00, I have no choice but to expedite my presentation in 20mns, then ask the cab driver to do its best.
This gets me, at 150km/h, back at Barajas airport just on time to catch the last flight to Paris… and I have to thank Air France for their Internet check-in service.

So this has been better than the Lisbon meeting in terms of useful time (20mns instead of 4mns), but not meeting the expected people. I am sure this does no qualify as proper justification for sending in the atmosphere another few hundred kilos of CO2.
I read in the plane that the full melting of the Arctic ice would most likely happen by 2040, instead of the expected 2070… and we in telecoms claim that we can avoid all this useless commuting!