Another attempt to Tokyu Hands store

This is the day of our user’s conference in Japan. According to the program we must leave from the office at 11:15, and Tokyu Hands opens at 10am… so this leaves me a small chance. I rush to the craft store which is sitting on top of the Hermès store of Shinjuku, in the TAKASHIMAYA department store. I soon locate the wood supplies on the 6th floor, and once again there are amazing woodcrafts made of entire tree slices (phone of this department:+81 (0)353613111)… the problem is shipping. After trying several vendors I finally manage to ask if overseas delivery is doable… but no. However an employee advises me to look for a “Japan delivery services” in the store. After more hunting for English speakers I find the floor and the small delivery service… but the employee does not understand that I am asking for her business card or a phone number. Finally a manager comes, and I get the precious piece of information (+81 (0)353611676), and I rush to the office just in time.
I fight jetlag not to fall asleep during the conference… adrenaline keeps me awake before my speaking slot, but then temptation to adopt the local habit of dozing during conferences becomes almost irresistible.
The conference by itself is interesting, I learn that Japan is about to allocate Mobile WiMax licences, that subsidizing of phones is now discouraged by the government, and that frequency regulation is now managed in a uniform way for both telecom and broadcast applications (they call it ‘horizontal regulation’), which means that you may decide, if you stop broadcasting at night, to offer a telecom service on these frequencies at night… Many smart moves which we should replicate in Europe.
I take the opportunity of the presence of many of our local office managers to try to find the origin of the Tokyu Hands Crafts, after some fishing I get a good lead to the Philippines… to be continued.
For once the 5AM wake up call to catch the ‘airport limousine bus’ tomorrow won’t too hard, I probably won’t manage to sleep till then anyway 