Leaving CTO position

After all the changes in Comverse, I had decided to wait for some time until ‘the dust settles’. The time in South Africa with the family was useful to see everything in perspective. I came to the conclusion that any real recovery of the company would take significantly more time and therefore I would need to dedicate a few more years to the company, endure perhaps a few more downsizings, before I could really enjoy the benefits of the structural changes.
This would be time that I would be unable to spend with the family and on other interesting projects… in fact I really do not have a valid reason to continue to fly so much and dedicate so much energy to Comverse, not being a shareholder, but I still would like to support the best I can the people that joined me in Netcentrex, and also I cannot really leave some projects with key customers behind, they are a bit my babies…
I decided today to present those conclusions to the new CMO John Bunyan, looking to gradually step down from the CTO position and the associated airmiles and yet support whenever possible the Netcentrex teams and the Comverse ‘reengineering’ process as I believe this company should and can reinvent itself.
In the mean time I am reinventing my professional life 🙂